Important Pieces Needed for Wakeboarding
The quality of wakeboards equipment is highly tested and approved by professional wakeboarders and regular riders to be one of the best in the wakeboarding industry, these brands are Hyperlite, Ronix, Jobe, Gath, Foolmoon, and Byerly. In order to cater to more wakeboarders in the Philippines, Center of Gravity offers boards that can be used in wake parks (also known as cable parks) where it uses a set of overhead cables and carriers on a track to pull a rider by a rope and handle around a body of water. This kind of board has a different technology, others are behind the boat and hybrid (a combination of the cable park board and boat board). Wake park boards have softer flex patterns, removable fins or no fins and featureless bases. The flex provides a more relaxed feel on the water with a more durable base and strengthens sidewalls to withstand the extreme obstacles on rails and boxes. Wakeboards come in different sizes like for Hyperlite, from 125 cm to 148 cm and Ronix that has 133cm to 148cm. The size of a wakeboard depends on the weight of the rider.
Below is an infographics of tips and basic essentials for beginners. Choose the brands that started it all, choose Hyperlite and Ronix both great companies was founded by Herb O’Brien. Making the best wakeboard equipment since 1991!
.Important pieces needed for wakeboarding
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