HO Sports Rad Pad

Size: 10’ Diameter x 6” Thickness
Sale price₱75,470.96




Don’t be a Square! Get your kids outside having fun on the water with the RAD PAD inflatable water mat from HO sports! Whether it’s cannon-balls, Simon-says or duck-duck-goose, this circular interactive PAD provides endless hours of fun in the sun. The RAD PAD is built with 6 inches-thick Welded Drop stitch Construction that’s durable, stable, and rigid when inflated. Pump it up effortlessly with the included Electric Pump with a built-in PSI pressure gauge. The RAD PAD provides great flotation on water, but also works great with a springboard-like bounce on dry land for gymnastics fun too! Easily connect your RAD PAD to docks, anchors, or boats with the bottom deck Stainless D-rings. Worried about the space it’ll take up? The RAD PAD folds like a burrito for super compact storage and transport when deflated. Start your radical summer now with the RAD PAD from HO Sports.

• Electric Pump included for easy inflation and deflation
• Interactive Graphics: Fun & Games on the water
• Deflates and Folds Away for Easy Storage: Rigid when inflated, shrinks to a fraction of the size when deflated for easy compact storage
• 15cm(6in) thick Welded Drop stitch Construction
• 3.8mm Stainless D-Rings – commercial grade D-rings on the bottom deck for easy connection
• For use on and off the water! Great flotation on water, springboard-like bounce on land for gymnastics fun

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