2021 Hyperlite Wishbone Wakeboard*

Size: 138*
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AVAILABLE IN STORE: size 138 color yellow

Hyperlite tasked Aaron Stumpf to create the next generation cable specific deck after he hit a home run with the original Union. Working with Graeme Burress, Aaron created the Wishbone, featuring an industry exclusive, The Air Stick Wood Core. Air Stick is a 100% machined wood core that is super durable. Strategic slots have been cut lengthwise throughout the core to reduce weight while delivering a unique feel on features, and a super-light feel in the air. The Power Press rocker line makes pressing a cinch, and the Flat Nose Profile allows you to lock in and feel features like no shape ever has. Surrounded with a Urethane Sidewall and our Sintered Base, the Wishbone is Hyperlite's most progressive cable board to date!


NAME      Total Surface Area (in)   Center Width   Weight Range   Hole Offset

138 Wishbone            842"                      17.2"                160 lbs.up             6"
143 Wishbone            866"                      17.3"                170 lbs.up             6"
147 Wishbone            928''                      17.6''                170 lbs.up             6"

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