HO Sports Saturn 3 towable tubes

Size: 92" x 79" (233.7 cm x 200.7 cm)
Color: red
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Traditionally, there has been very little difference between round, deck style tubes. You can buy one from any inflatable maker and they're basically all the same. That is...until now. With the addition of HO Sports' soft-shell technology, now you can tube all day without worrying about the abrasion or tube rash that you would get from a traditional nylon covered tube. This new technology is best thing to happen to tubes since the introduction of the nylon cover. So, grab a friend or two and hop aboard this 3 rider deck tube and have fun out there!

The Saturn 3 Three Rider Towable is uniquely based on HO Sports sphere technology. HO sphere technology addresses an age old problem of large towable tubes. As towable tubes get larger, the surface area of the tube contacting the water increases. Increased contact with the water creates drag. Increased drag requires more energy to whip the tube behind the boat and causes a slower less exciting ride. Designing larger tubes has typically meant creating larger versions of smaller tubes.

The solution to this problem is HO Sports Sphere Technology. Sphere Technology opens up doors to a whole new way of thinking. The Problem of drag is solved by reducing the surface area contacting the water, resulting in a livelier ride. The large size is easy to whip, less energy is required in towing and less strain is put on the boat. With the Saturn towable it takes this concept to a new and challenging level. This gives the rider a ride out of this world! (Saturn, get it? lol). The Sphere doesn't allow the tube to sit stable in the water making it really fun and challenging!

The Saturn 3 Three Rider Towable with soft shell technology is a layer of tough nylon covered in the unique soft shell material. The heavy-gauge PVC bladder has radio frequency (RF) welded seams for strength and durability. The Saturn 3 Three Rider Towable has 6-no-show covered foam grab handles and a rear boarding strap for easy climb aboard from deep water. The inflatable tube has HO Sports quick connect tow attachment for easy hook-ups and inflation/deflation is fast with the covered Boston valve. The tube measure 92" x 79" (233.7 cm x 200.7 cm) inflated, has a maximum rider weight capacity of 510 lbs. (231.3 kg), requires a 4K (1,814.4 kg) tube rope and comes with an owner's manual.


HO Sports Saturn 3 Three Rider Towable:
HO Sphere Technology:
Reduced Surface Area Contacting Water
Reduces Drag in Water
Livelier Ride
Easy to Whip
Less Energy Required-in-Towing
Less Strain on BoatSingle Ball for Most Challenging Ride
6 No-Show Nylon Webbing Covered Foam Handles
Center Grab & Rear Boarding Grips Make Getting Aboard a Breeze
HO Quick Connect Tow Attachment
Durable Heavy-Gauge PVC Bladder
Radio Frequency (RF) Welded Seams
Boston Valves for Quick and Easy Inflation and Deflation
Dimensions: 92" x 79" (233.7 cm x 200.7 cm), Inflated
Maximum Weight Capacity: 510 lbs. (231.3 kg)
Requires 4K (1,814.4 kg) Tube Rope
Owner's Manual


Materials : Bladder: PVC, Cover: Polyurethane (PU) Coated 840-Dienier Nylon with Soft-Shell Seating Area

Dimensions : 92" x 79" (233.7 cm x 200.7 cm), Inflated

Rider Capacity : 1 to 3-Person

Type : Deck Style

Valves Boston Valve

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