COG- Center of Gravity

Hyperlite Jam Wakeboard

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HYPERLITE JAM WAKEBOARD - SZ: 140 JIMMY LA RICHE SIGNATURE MODEL Jim's Jam blends the ideal flex pattern with the industry's most durable construction, our Fully Machine Crossover Flex Core. New for 2017, the Jam is wakeboard 2 years in the making, incorporating Jimmy's favorite characteristics; Continuous Rocker, Soft Flex Pattern, and simple base design for solid contact on rails and soft landings. The Jam also includes Hyperlite's first-ever Urethane Sidewall and Curved Rail Channels. This sidewall allows for a more solid bond to the core and glass materials and the rails mimic the profile of the board assisting with edge control. The Crossover Flex Core combines wood and foam for the perfect flax surrounded by a bomber construction for maximum durability. Join Jim and the party as we are Jamming!

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